Returns a Kendo UI widget instance, attached to the provided element. This method can be used in scenarios when the page (e.g. a form) contains both generic HTML elements and Kendo UI widgets and the exact distribution is not clear.


element jQuery

The DOM element that may have a Kendo UI instance attached to it.

suite Object (optional)

Optional. The Kendo UI suite, that the widget is expected to be part of - kendo.ui (web widgets), kendo.mobile.ui or kendo.dataviz.ui. As of Q1 2014 you can also pass an array of suites.


Object The Kendo UI widget instance with all applicable methods and fields, if the instance is attached to the provided element.

undefined otherwise

Example - using kendo.widgetInstance()

// get element
var textbox = $("#myTextBox");
// get widget object
var widget = kendo.widgetInstance(textbox);
if (widget) {
    // execute an API method
    widget.value(/* ... */);
} else {
    // execute generic jQuery method
    textbox.val(/* ... */);
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