Parses a formatted string as a Date. The method returns null if the string doesn't match the format exactly. Also see Date Parsing


  console.log(kendo.parseExactDate("2013/3/4 10:00 AM")); // outputs "Mon Mar 04 2013 10:00:00"
  console.log(kendo.parseExactDate("3/4/2013", "MM/dd/yyyy")); // outputs "Mon Mar 04 2013 00:00:00"
  // When the format is not matched, null is returned
  console.log(kendo.parseExactDate("3/4/2013", "MM/dd/yy")); // outputs "null"
  // Unlike kendo.parseDate, which tries to parse the string even though it's a different format:
  console.log(kendo.parseDate("3/4/2013", "MM/dd/yy")); // Wed Mar 04 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0200"
  console.log(kendo.parseExactDate("invalid")); // outputs "null"


value String

The string which should be parsed as Date.

formats String|Array (optional)

The format(s) that will be used to parse the date. If you do not explicitly state a date parsing format, the standard date formats of the current culture will apply. If you state a format, and the date string doesn't match the format exactly, null is returned.

For more information on the custom date parsing formats, refer to this article.

culture String (optional)

The culture used to parse the number. The current culture is used by default.


Date the parsed date. Returns null if the value cannot be parsed as a valid Date.

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