Draws a cubic Bézier curve (with two control points).

A quadratic Bézier curve (with one control point) can be plotted by making the control point equal.

Example - Draw a curved sub-path

<div id="surface" style="width: 250px; height: 250px;"></div>
    var draw = kendo.drawing;

    var multiPath = new draw.MultiPath()
        .moveTo(100, 200).curveTo([100, 100], [250, 100], [250, 200]).close()
        .moveTo(150, 150).lineTo(200, 150).close();

    var surface = draw.Surface.create($("#surface"));


controlOut Array|kendo.geometry.PointThe first control point for the curve.
controlIn Array|kendo.geometry.PointThe second control point for the curve.
endPoint Array|kendo.geometry.PointThe curve end point.

Returnskendo.drawing.MultiPath The current instance to allow chaining.

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