Fires as long as the user is zooming the chart using the mousewheel.

Event Data

e.axisRanges Object

A hastable containing the suggested current range (min and max values) of named axes. The axis name is used as a key.

Note that the axis ranges are not updated automatically. You need to call set_options with either the suggested or custom min/max values for them to take effect.

e.delta Number

A number that indicates the zoom amount and direction.

A negative delta indicates "zoom in", while a positive "zoom out".

e.originalEvent Object

The original user event that triggered the zoom action.

This event can be used to prevent the default mousewheel action (scroll).


function onZoom(e) {
    // Prevent window scroll
e.sender kendo.dataviz.ui.StockChart

The widget instance which fired the event.

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