connections.type String (default: "cascading")

Speifies the connection type, which defines the way it routes.

The routing of a connection is the way intermediate points of a connection define a route. A route is usually defined on the basis of constraints or behaviors. Currently there are two routing mechanisms for Diagram connections:

  • polyline route - connects the defined intermediate points, see connections.points.
  • cascading route - a simple rectangular route that creates a cascading path between the two ends of a connection, ignoring given connection points. The cascading type is useful when using tree layout and hierarchies. The routed connection will in this case enhance the representation of the hierarchy, reproducing a classic organization diagram.

The available values for the type property are:

  • "polyline" - connects the defined intermediate points. See connections.points.
  • "cascading" - discards given points and defines a cascading path between the endpoints.

Example - using a polyline connection with intermediate points

<div id="diagram"></div>
          text: "State 1"
        x: 20,
        y: 20
        content: {
          text: "State 2"
        x: 300,
        y: 100
        from: "1",
        to: "2",
        points: [
          {x: 150, y: 20},
          {x: 150, y: 150}
        type: "polyline"
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