Gets or sets the Navigator selected date range.

Important The select method is available in Kendo UI v.2016.2.517 and later

Example - Set selected range
<input id="fromDate" />
<input id="toDate" />
<div id="stock-chart"></div>
  dataSource: {
    data: [
      { value: 1, category: "One", date: new Date(2016, 1, 1)},
      { value: 2, category: "Two", date: new Date(2016, 3, 1)}
  dateField: "date",
  series: [{
      type: "line",
      field: "value",
      name: "Value"
  navigator: {
      series: [{
          type: "area",
          field: "value",
          name: "Value"

function selectRange() {

var chart = $("#stock-chart").data("kendoStockChart");
var navi = chart.navigator;

    change: selectRange

    change: selectRange


from DateThe from date (inclusive) of the selected date range.
to DateThe to date (exclusive) of the selected date range.

ReturnsObject An object with two date fields - from and to.

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