Sets the preferred imagery set for the map.

Available imagery sets:

  • "aerial" - Aerial imagery.
  • "aerialWithLabels" - Aerial imagery with a road overlay.
  • "road" - Roads without additional imagery.

Example - Set Bing layer imagery set

<div id="map"></div>
        layers: [{
            type: "bing",
            imagerySet: "road",

            // IMPORTANT: This key is locked to
            // Please replace with your own Bing Key
            key: "AqaPuZWytKRUA8Nm5nqvXHWGL8BDCXvK8onCl2PkC581Zp3T_fYAQBiwIphJbRAK"

    setTimeout(function() {
        var map = $("#map").data("kendoMap");
        var layer = map.layers[0];
    }, 2000);

Parameters##### name String

The identifier for the imagery set. Case-insensitive.

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