Rotates the element with the specified parameters.


angle NumberThe angle of rotation in decimal degrees.

Measured in clockwise direction with 0 pointing "right". Negative values or values greater than 360 will be normalized.

center kendo.dataviz.diagram.PointThe center of rotation.

Example - rotating the text block

<div id="diagram"></div>
  var diagram = kendo.dataviz.diagram;
  function getVisual(data) {
    var g = new diagram.Group();

    g.append(new diagram.Circle({
      width: 60,
      height: 60,
      fill: { color: "#add8e6" }

    var text = new diagram.TextBlock({
      text: 123,
      x: 20


    text.rotate(-45, new kendo.dataviz.diagram.Point(40, 40));

    return g;

    layout: "tree",
    shapes: [{
      id: 123,
      visual: getVisual
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