Converts the scheduler event to a event occurrence. Method will remove recurrenceRule, recurrenceException options, will add a recurrenceId field and will set id to the default one.


options Object

Additional options passed to the SchedulerEvent constructor.

uid property of the event will be preserved.

Returns the occurrence.

Example - create occurrence from a scheduler event

    var event = new{
        id: 1,
        title: "Task1",
        start: new Date(2013, 10, 11, 12),
        end: new Date(2013, 10, 11, 14),
        recurrenceRule: "FREQ=DAILY"

    var occurrence = event.toOccurrence();

    console.log(; //logs default id
    console.log(occurrence.recurrenceId); //logs id of the head. In this case '1'
    console.log(occurrence.recurrenceRule); //logs 'null'
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