Export to Default Formats

To export traffic to WCAT Script, VS Web Test Script, Meddler Script, HTML5 AppCache Manifest, HTTP Archive Format 1.1, HTTP Archive Format 1.2 ), or a Raw File Dump:

  1. Click File > Export Sessions.

  2. Click either All Sessions or Selected Sessions.

  3. Select the export format from the drop-down menu.

    Select Export Format

  4. Click Next to select the export file location.

  5. If exporting to HTML5 AppCache Manifest: Check any resources you wish to exclude from the CACHE section of the Manifest. These will be added to the NETWORK section of the Manifest.

    Adjust AppCache Manifest

  6. To specify a Base URL and convert the URLs to be relative to this URL, type this URL in the Base URL: field.

    Base URL

  7. Click Save. The AppCache Manifest appears in a text editor.

Import to Default Formats

To import traffic from HTTP Archive JSON, HTTP Archive XML (exported from [IE9 Developer Tools Network Tab][12]), or Test Studio Load Test:

  1. Click File > Import Sessions....

  2. Select the import format from the drop-down menu.

    ![Select Import Format][../../images/ImportExport/SelectImportFormat.png ]

  3. Click Next.

Create Custom Importers and Exporters

Create Custom Importers and Exporters with Fiddler Classic Extensions.

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