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The Fiddler dashboard site provides means for managing subscription plans, payments, and the activation of account seats for Fiddler Everywhere and Fiddler Jam. This KB article demonstrates the functionalities accessible from and the steps needed to activate and manage your subscriptions.

Fiddler Everywhere Dashboard

The Fiddler dashboard site is where you can purchase and manage subscription plans, check and download your invoices, and maintain the payment methods. The site requires you to log in with a Fiddler or social media account. The dashboard contains the following main sections:

  • Login - The landing page for new users and users with expired credentials. You can create a Fiddler account or use Google's social login.
  • Overview - The landing page for logged-in users. You can manage your active subscriptions and see the actual plan offerings.
  • Plans - This page contains details and purchase links for the active Fiddler Everywhere and Fiddler Jam offerings.
  • Invoices - A page that lists all invoices issued so far. You can download each invoice as a PDF or load it on the Stripe details page.
  • Saved Cards - Yiu can add, remove and edit credit card details. The card set as the default card is the one used for your ongoing payments.

Activating Subscription Plan

New users can purchase the Fiddler Everywhere Pro subscription plan as described below. Existing trial users

  1. Open the Fiddler Everywhere client, click on the Buy Now button on the landing page. As a result, you will land on the Fiddler Dashboard page.

    You can use the Start Free Trial button to activate the 30-days trial. Note that this step is available only for new users. If you are an existing user with an expired trial, go to the next step.

  2. Alternatively, directly open

  3. Navigate to the Plans page, and select the desired Fiddler product.

  4. Press Purchase Plan to proceed to the order details page. The order details page presents you with the option to choose between annual vs. monthly payments, adding additional subscription seats (by default, each plan activates a single seat), and adding promotional coupons.

  5. Press Next to proceed to the payment details page. On the payment details page, you have the option to add a new payment method or to use a saved card.

  6. Press Pay button to finalize the order.

  7. Restart your Fiddler Everywhere client to fully activate the purchased subscription plan.

Manage Subscriptions

Only the account owners can manage subscriptions (add/remove seats, change plans, etc.). To manage the active subscription for any Fiddler products:

Open, where you will land on the main dashboard page after a successful login.

  • Use the Manage Subscription link from the active subscription.

    Users with an active subscription can start Fiddler Everywhere and use the Manage Subscriptions button from the application.

  • On the subscription management page, you have the options to:

    • View and switch to alternative plans.
    • Cancel ongoing subscriptions.
    • Change the recurring payment method.
    • Assign, unassign, and edit seats.
    • Buy additional seats.

Invoice Information

You can access and download all previously issue invoices through the Invoices section.

Payment Methods

Set your payment method by adding credit card details through the Saved Cards section. Use the green switch to set a default card. The default card will be used for ongoing payments.``

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