Redirecting traffic from one server to another via the Auto Responder


Product Fiddler Everywhere
Product Version 1.0.0 and above


This article demonstrates a basic example for using the Auto Responder for redirecting traffic from one server to another. The job can be accomplished via an Auto Responder rule that (optionally) utilizes regex and regex variables.

Basic Redirect

Redirecting traffic from one server to another can be achieved via a simple Auto Responder rule.

Action: http://localhost:4000/fiddler-everywhere/introduction

Redirect with Regex

In some cases, we would like to create more complex redirect rules. Here Fiddler Everywhere provides regex support for creating Match rules and Actions.

Match: regex:(.*)*)
Action: http://localhost:4000/$2

In the above case, two regex variables are automatically created. The second one will have as a value everything that comes after the last slash.

As a result, after applying the above rule, this example endpoint

will be redirected to

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