Creating PEM certificate


Product Version 1.0.0 and above
3rd-party tool OpenSSL
Supported OS Linux


Third-party tools (like Docker) and some operating systems (some Linux distributions) accept trust certificates in PEM format. How to convert the exported FiddlerRootCertificate.crt file to PEM format?


Converting the Fiddler Certificate to a PEM Certificate

To create a PEM certificate, export the Fiddler root certificate and convert it from CRT format to PEM format.

  1. Download and install the OpenSSL tool.

  2. Open Fiddler Everywhere and export the FiddlerRootCertificate.crt file through Settings > HTTPS > Advanced Settings > Export root certificate to Desktop.

  3. Generate a PEM certificate from the exported FiddlerRootCertificate.crt through the following command:

    openssl x509 -inform DER -in ~/Desktop/FiddlerRootCertificate.crt -out ~/Desktop/FiddlerRootCertificate.pem

    Depending on your operating system, the ~/Desktop/FiddlerRootCertificate.crt file path might differ on your side.

Install and trust the generated PEM in the third-party tool while following the tool's official guidelines.

Some Linux distributions are also expecting PEM instead of CRT. You can convert the certificate to PEM and then follow the base instructions for installing and trusting the root certificate on Linux.

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