Configuring Fiddler Everywhere on XFCE


Product Version 1.0.0 and above
3rd-party tool XFCE
Supported OS Linux
Reported through


Fiddler Everywhere uses the dconf for setting and getting the proxy configuration through the UI. Some alternative desktop environments, such as XFCE, store the data in different locations or lack a graphical interface for setting the system proxy. As a result, Fiddler Everywhere will not set or unset the system proxy, which can break the application and the Internet connectivity due to leaked proxy settings. How can I handle this issue?


  1. Use the dconf-editor and remove the org.gnome.system.proxy. If this action is not permitted, go to the next step. Otherwise, skip to the last step.
  2. Go to Proxy > HTTP and remove the org.gnome.system.proxy.
  3. Go to Proxy > HTTPS and remove the org.gnome.system.proxy.
  4. Restart Fiddler Everywhere.