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TypeLoadException AccessibilityDelegateCompat with latest versions of AndroidX


This exception occurs when using Telerik UI for Xamarin 2021.2.615.1 version and below. The issue is fixed in Telerik UI for Xamarin version - 2021.2.728.1.

The workaround below must be used when Telerik UI for Xamarin 2021.2.615.1 version or below is used.

If you recently came across any of these exceptions when upgrading your solution:

  • Exception in ListView: System.TypeLoadException: 'VTable setup of type Telerik.XamarinForms.DataControlsRenderer.Android.ListViewAccessibilityDelegateCompat failed'

  • Exception in NumericInput, DateTimePicker and TabView: System.TypeLoadException: 'Message=VTable setup of type Telerik.XamarinForms.Common.Android.HelpTextAccessibilityDelegateCompat failed'

  • Exception in TreeView:: System.TypeLoadException: 'VTable setup of type Telerik.XamarinForms.DataControlsRenderer.Android.TreeViewAccessibilityDelegateCompat failed'

The exception is caused by namespace renaming in the latest Xamarin.AndroidX.Core package. The issue is a typo, which Xamarin team has fixed, still this is a breaking change, as now the namespace is different. You can check it in the Xamarin.Forms github repo.

As we are built against an earlier version of the Xamarin.AndroidX.Core nuget package, this breaking change (namespace renaming) leads to us not being able to find all classes in that namespace as they are now in different one, hence the exceptions.

The issue happens in Xamarin.AndroidX.Core package version or higher. The error is also reproducible if you use another Xamarin.AndroidX package which depends on Xamarin.AndroidX.Core version or higher, such as Xamarin.Google.Android.Material version


Downgrade the Xamarin.AndroidX.Core package to version to

Also, you may need to downgrade other packages like Xamarin.AndroidX.Media to; Xamarin.Google.Android.Material to , etc. as they depend on the Xamarin.AndroidX.Core package.

Here is a list of packages that depend on AndroidX.Core:

  • Xamarin.AndroidX.Browser -> Xamarin.AndroidX.Core
  • Xamarin.AndroidX.Media-> Xamarin.AndroidX.Core
  • Xamarin.AndroidX.MediaRouter -> Xamarin.AndroidX.Media -> Xamarin.AndroidX.Core
  • Xamarin.Google.Android.Material-> Xamarin.AndroidX.Core
  • Xamarin.AndroidX.RecyclerView -> Xamarin.AndroidX.Core
  • Xamarin.AndroidX.RecyclerView.Selection -> Xamarin.AndroidX.Core
  • Xamarin.AndroidX.Legacy.Support.V4 -> Xamarin.AndroidX.Core

If you have any of these packages installed on the Android project, downgrade their version.

You can safely use the latest release of Telerik UI for Xamarin as well as the latest version of Xamarin.Forms, just downgrade the version of the AndroidX packages.

In addition, please check the linker settings option. You have to set the linker to "SDK Assemblies Only".

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