Developer Focused Examples

Telerik UI for Xamarin provides an easy-to-use infrastructure with many developer focused examples demonstrating our Xamarin controls. You can review the source code of each example and familiarize with the configuration possibilities that each it provides.

SDK Browser Application

The SDK Browser is an application that shows both getting started and feature-specific examples. It can found on your computer in the /[installation-path]/UI for Xamarin [version]/Examples/Forms folder or you can directly explore the code in the SDKBrowser Examples repository on GitHub.

Repository Note: When cloning a repository, you can restore the Telerik assembly references in one of three ways; 1) Copy and paste the Binaries folder from the UI for Xamarin installation folder to the xamarin-forms-sdk/XamarinSDK folder in your local copy of the repository, 2) Update the references directly or 3) Use the Telerik NuGet server and install the Telerik.UI.for.Xamarin package

QSF Application

The QSF application is another useful resource that shows the Telerik UI for Xamarin controls in different Xamarin.Forms projects and scenarios. This demo doesn't use all of the available features each control, but instead is intended to show them in highly-polished, use case-specific, scenarios.

This application can be found in the /[installation-path]/UI for Xamarin [version]/QSF/ folder or you can explore the code directly on in the QSF Examples repository on GitHub.

Native-only Examples

Solutions that show how to use the controls when developing through Xamarin.Android or Xamarion.iOS are available in the Examples folder as well. Respectively, they are separated in different folders - iOS and Android.

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