RadMaskedInput for Xamarin allows to control the data input within your Xamarin Forms application. It enhances the functionality of the Entry control by adding input validation and custom masks which serve as a footprint for the user.

Figure 1: RadMaskedInput Overview


Key features

  • Validation: RadMaskedInput control uses a mask to distinguish between proper and improper user input. Validation mechanism can be based on custom regular expressions or built-in tokens. Read more about this in the Tokens Validation and RegEx Validation topics.
  • Mask Tokens: You could choose from a set of predefined tokens in order to restrict user’s input. For more details on the available tokens go to Tokens Validation topic.
  • Commands: MaskedInput allows you to attach commands that will be executed when certain actions, such as ApplyMaskStarted and ApplyMaskFinished occur. For detailed information on the matter go to Commands article.
  • Customizable Validation UI: With RadMaskedInput you could easily modify the appearance of the input-related errors, please refer to the Validation UI topic for more details.

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