The DataGridPickerColumn uses a Picker control in Edit mode to select a value from list of possibilities.

Important Properties

Here are the specific properties defined for DataGridPickerColumn:

  • ItemsSource (IEnumerable): This property is used when the source of the ComboBox items is not part of the data and is the same for all items in the grid.
  • ItemsSourcePath (string): This property is used to specify a property of your data class to be used as source for the ComboBox.
  • ItemDisplayBindingPath (string): Sets the display path of the items in the ComboBox selector. It points to a field in the items from the ItemsSource collection of the ComboBox.
  • SelectedValuePath (string): Sets the value that is actually selected in the ComboBox (could be different from the display value) and is passed to the property that is edited in the ComboBox column.


  <telerikGrid:DataGridPickerColumn PropertyName="Country"
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