Date Properties

This article lists the date properties you could use to configure RadCalendar control.

Setting the current Display Date

DisplayDate property allows you to set the current visible date. This is the date which will be displayed when you show the calendar. Depending on the current ViewMode, DisplayDate defines which day, month, week or year to be shown in RadCalendar. By default DisplayDate is DateTime.Today.

Constraining visible Dates

You could restrict the visible/selectable dates in RadCalendar by utilizing MinDate and MaxDate properties. By applying MinDate and MaxDate you can prevent navigating the calendar view to a date outside of the defined by them date range.

If dates outside of the MinDate-MaxDate range are in the currently visible view, they will look disabled.

Selecting a Date

SelectedDate property holds the currently selected date, null means that no date is selected. For more details on the selection functionality, refer to Selection topic.


Here is a quick example to demonstrate how Date properties of RadCalendar would work:

<telerikInput:RadCalendar x:Name="calendar" 
                          SelectedDate="2018/10/24" />
var calendar = new RadCalendar();
calendar.DisplayDate = new DateTime(2018, 10, 18);
calendar.MinDate = new DateTime(2018, 10, 15);
calendar.MaxDate = new DateTime(2018, 12, 31);
calendar.SelectedDate = new DateTime(2018, 10, 24);

And the result on different platforms is shown below:

Date Settings

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