Button for Xamarin Mobile Blazor Bindings

Telerik Button for Xamarin Mobile Blazor Bindings is a button control with includes the followiong feartures that allows you to add borders, transparency, text alignment, backgrounds and images.

Button Overview

Key features

  • Content alignment options: With RadButton you will be able to apply different horizontal and vertical positioning of its content.
<RadButton Text="Text"
           VerticalContentAlignment="Xamarin.Forms.TextAlignment.Center" />
  • Setting Border Thickness: RadButton provides a BorderThickness property which you can use together with BorderColor in order to have various types of borders around your buttons.
<RadButton Text="Click me!" 
           BorderThickness="new Thickness(6, 2, 2, 6)" 
           BorderColor="@Color.FromHex("#4488F6")" />

and the result:

Button Border

  • Setting Background Image: You can customize the appearance of RadButton by applying am image as its background.
<RadButton Text="Click me!" 
           BackgroundImage="@(new FileImageSource { File = "image.png" })" />

You can also use the ImageSource property.

<RadButton Text="Click me!"
           ImageSource="@(new FileImageSource { File = "image.png" })" />

Check out RadButton Getting Started help article that shows how to use it in a basic scenario.

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