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Change ToolTip ShowDuration


Product Version 2022.1.117
Product RadSyntaxEditor for WPF


How to create a custom UILayer to customize the way that tooltips are shown such as extending their ShowDuration.


1. Implement a custom tooltip tagger as explained in the Custom Tagger article.

2. Implement a custom UILayer that derives from TextToolTipUILayer. In the GetLinePartUIElement method, you can get the Rectangle created by default and set the ToolTipService.ShowDuration attached property.

Creating a custom TextToolTipUILayer

public class CustomTextToolTipUILayer : TextToolTipUILayer 
    protected override FrameworkElement GetLinePartUIElement(ToolTipTag tag, Span span, UIUpdateContext updateContext) 
        var rectangle = (Rectangle)base.GetLinePartUIElement(tag, span, updateContext); 
        ToolTipService.SetShowDuration(rectangle, int.MaxValue); 
        return rectangle; 
3. To apply the custom UILayer, create a custom UILayersBuilder and override its BuildUILayers method. In the method, you can replace the default TextToolTipUILayer with the custom one using the Remove and AddAfter methods of the UILayerStack.

Creating a custom UILayersBuilder

public class CustomUILayersBuilder : UILayersBuilder 
    public override void BuildUILayers(UILayerStack uiLayers) 
        uiLayers.AddAfter(PredefinedUILayers.Text, new CustomTextToolTipUILayer()); 
4. Apply the custom UILayersBuilder using the syntax editor's property with the same name.

Creating a custom UILayersBuilder

this.syntaxEditor.UILayersBuilder = new CustomUILayersBuilder(); 

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