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Disable Multiple Appointments Selection in RadScheduleView


Product Version 2019.3.917
Product RadScheduleView for WPF


Disable multiple appointments selection in RadScheduleView using a custom AppointmentSelectionBehavior.


To allow only a single appointment to be selected you can create a custom AppointmentSelectionBehavior and override its GetSelectedAppointments method.

public class CustomAppointmentSelectionBehavior : AppointmentSelectionBehavior 
    protected override IEnumerable<IOccurrence> GetSelectedAppointments(AppointmentSelectionState state, IOccurrence target) 
        var originalSelection = base.GetSelectedAppointments(state, target); 
        if (originalSelection.Count() > 1) 
            var lastSelected = originalSelection.Last(); 
            return new List<IOccurrence>() { lastSelected }; 
        return originalSelection; 
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