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Replace the RadGridView element in the dropdown


Product RadMultiColumnComboBox for WPF


Replace the RadGridView in the dropdown popup of the RadMultiColumnComboBox.


  1. Create a class inheriting DropDownContentManager and implement the necessary methods. This class provides interaction with the DropDown element of the RadMultiColumnComboBox.

  2. Create a class inheriting SelectionBridge. This class is reponsible for synchronizing the selection between the dropdown element and the RadMultiColumnComboBox. Return an instance of this class in the InitializeSelectionBridge method of the DropDownContentManager.

  3. Create a class inheriting ItemsSourceProvider. This class is responsible for providing the ItemsSource to the element inside the dropdown along with any other relevant properties.

  4. Create a class inheriting RadMultiColumnComboBox and set the DropDownContentManager property to instance of the class created in step 1.

  5. Extract the ControlTemplate of the RadMultiColumnComboBox for the theme that you use and replace the RadGridView element inside the dropdown.

Check out the following SDK example for an example implementation of the steps outlined above.

Download the source code to examine how the above mentioned classes are implemented for the RadGridView.

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