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Using IntelliSense in Visual Studio

Visual Studio automatically enables IntelliSense - it detects all classes, properties and methods in the DLL file.

Using IntelliSense when Declaring Namespace

When declaring a namespace you can select from the IntelliSense in XAML any namespace which is available:

Common Installing Namespace Declaration 1

For more information about declaring namespaces read here.

Using IntelliSense when Adding/Configuring Controls in XAML

When you add a new control (or configure an existing one) in the XAML, Visual Studio will automatically show a dropdown with suggestions for autocomplete. For example, see the next two figures.

Common Installing Namespace Declaration 3 Common Installing Namespace Declaration 4

Using IntelliSense in the Code-Behind

In the code-behind, each time a particular class/property/method is being selected from the dropdown of the autocomplete functionality, a tooltip with the comment for this class/property/method is displayed.

Common Installing Namespace Declaration 5

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