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Latest Release Notes

You can check the latest Release Notes here.

Q1 2015

You can check the Release Notes for version Q1 2015.

Q2 2014

What's Fixed

  • Tile SelectedVisual Border is not clickable in Windows8, Windows8Touch and Office2013 themes

Q1 2014

What's Added

  • Enable selection on right clicking on a tile (new SelectionMouseButton property added with values Left, Right or both)

What's Fixed

  • Elements placed in ItemTemplate are not clickable

  • DataContext of the tile should be its corresponding data item

  • Tile Visibility property is not respected

Q3 2013

What's Added

  • RadTileList performance improvements (scrolling, reordering, selection)

What's Fixed

  • Long group header is trimmed if there is just a single tile in the group

  • HorizotalOffset of the ScrollVieweer is not properly updated

  • Performance is degraded when tiles count increases

  • Scrolling tiles and resizing the window causes incorrect scrollbar and tiles arrangement

  • ScrollViewer gets disabled when the tiles in view are removed from the items collection

  • Items cannot be removed after changing the source

  • Application crashes with ArgumentException when there is a tile without group

  • NullRefException on dragging a tile over another tile list

  • Unexpected transparent adorner appears in the selection triangle of the tile

Q2 2013 SP1

What's Added

  • ItemTemplateSelector support

What's Fixed

  • Clear and add new tiles while scrolling TileList causes ArgumentNullException

  • Groups overlap some of the tiles

  • ArgumentNullException is thrown in TileListPanel when reordering tiles

  • ItemTemplate is not properly applied

  • Binding of SelectedItem is broken after unselecting an item

  • You cannot remove item from Items collection

  • Edit additional template for ItemsPanel causes exception

Q2 2013

What's Added

  • Level 1 CodedUI Automation support

  • Added a property TileReorderMode in order to prevent the user from reordering the tiles between groups

  • Tile should animate on content change to facilitate display of live content

  • Add API for RadTileList to allow developers to control group order

What's Fixed

  • System.ArgumentException is thrown when tiles are reordered between groups

  • Tile should not be selected on TapDown if CanUserSelect is "False"

  • SelectedIndex cannot be set when AutoGenerateTile is True

  • Added 30px default top padding for TileListItem in order to prevent overlapping in some cases

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