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RadDocumentMerger Overview

RadDocumentMerger introduces an API that enables users to merge two RadDocument instances or append them to each other. When performing merging operations, you may encounter conflicts between the different settings of two documents. Such conflicts can be resolved/avoided by changing the settings of RadDocumentMerger.

Create a RadDocumentMerger

When instantiating the RadDocumentMerger class, you should pass to its constructor a RadDocument instance. This parameter represents the document that is used as a target when performing the merging operations.

Example 1: Create a RadDocumentMerger

RadDocumentMerger merger = new RadDocumentMerger(targetDocument); 

The document passed to the constructor can be obtained through the Document property of the RadDocumentMerger instance.

You can use the methods of the RadDocumentMerger class to insert the content of the desired documents at the caret position or just append it to the target document.

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