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Backward Compatibility

Latest Release Notes

You can check the latest Release Notes here.

R1 2016

  • Removed: SelectedField and SelectedFieldChanged

R1 2014

  • Changed: CollectionEditor's default IsReadOnly state to ReadOnly, instead of Disabled

R1 2013

  • PropertyDefinition's Binding property is now of type BindingBase

  • Obsolete: SelectedField property of RadPropertyGrid (SelectedPropertyDefinition should be used instead)

  • Changed: PropertyDefinitionsCollection is now ObservableItemCollection.

Performance tip: Notifications should be suspended when bulk insert operations are executed

R3 2012

  • Public method Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.PropertyGrid.PropertyDefinition.DFSFilter is removed. It has never been supposed to be public.

R2 2012 SP1

  • OrderIndex is now DependencyProperty

R2 2012

  • AutoBindBehavior now supports source different from RadPropertyGrid's Item.

  • PropertyGridField editor will use a TwoWay binding if such is specified in its PropertyDefinition.

R1 2012 SP1

  • PropertyDefinition’s IsReadonly property is now a DependencyProperty.

R1 2012

  • NestedPropertiesVisibility is now of type System.Windows.Visibility.

R2 2011 Beta

Telerik RadPropertyGrid has been just added to the Telerik WPF suite.

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