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As of R1 2018, the RadPivotGrid control allows you to implement your custom editing logic through its EditProvider property and EditEnded event.

Please note that the API only provides a visual representation for the editing operation but the actual process should be handled entirely by the developer.

Figure 1: RadPivotGrid with custom editing and validation

Custom editing with validation


The new EditProvider property takes an instance of the EditProvider class. The class has the following overridable members:

  • GetEditorControl(): Gets the editor control instance that will be used for editing. The return type is FrameworkElement.
  • PrepareEditorControl(): Prepares the given editor instance for usage. Sets data binding and configuration properties. The return type is FrameworkElement.
  • GetBindingProperty(): Provides the data binding property of the given editor. The return type is DependencyProperty.
  • EnableValidation: A boolean property which indicates whether validation will be executed.
  • Validate(object value): Validates the current edit value, generating an error message if it is needed. The return type is string.

The EditProvider must be initialized before any editing operations can take place.

The validation of the control utilizes the IDataErrorInfo interface which should be taken into account in data-binding scenarios.

EditEnded Event

Once the user has commited the pending edit, if there are no validation errors, the EditEnded event of the RadPivotGrid control is fired. It's event data is of type EditEndedEventArgs which exposes the following two properties:

  • CellAggregate: The CellAggregateValue that was edited. The CellAggregateValue class, on the other hand, exposes a number of useful properties:

    • RowGroup: The row for which this value is generated. Its type is IGroup.
    • ColumnGroup: The column for which this value is generated. Its type is IGroup.
    • Description: The IAggregateDescription which produced the value.
    • Value: The value produced by the IAggregateDescription. This is a plain object.
    • FormattedValue: The string representation of the value with the IAggregateDescription's string formats applied.
  • EditValue: Gets the new value.

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