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In this article you can find out the history of the changes we've made in RadPivotGrid and RadPivotFieldList.

Latest Release Notes

You can find out the latest release notes here.

Q3 2013

What's new

  • Queryable Data Provider

  • Implement Calculated Items for LocalDataSourceProvider

  • Implement Calculated Fields for LocalDataSourceProvider

What's fixed

  • Exception is thrown when a calculated field is added that has RequiredField which is not part of the data source

  • Exception is thrown when some report filters are applied

  • RadPivotGrid doesn't show data if the Cube doesn't support KPIs

  • Using Is Between/Is Not Between label filters - when typing in the textboxes focus is lost on every keystroke

Q2 2013

What's new

  • Added new steps for DateTimeGroupDescription and a way to implement custom steps.

  • Added UI Dialog to set the step of DateTimeGroupDescription.

  • Added support for DateTimeOffset data.

  • Added German and Turkish localization languages.

  • ItemsSource of LocalDataSourceProvider is a DependencyProperty.

  • Added RowGroupsExpandBehavior/ColumnGroupsExpandBehavior to control initial expand/collapse state.

  • PivotFieldList dialogs respond to Escape and Enter keys.

  • Added a setting to query additional properties in XmlaConnectionSettings (for example to use specific language from OLAP Cube).

  • Added serialization support.

  • Implemented Label Filters for OLAP.

  • Added IntelliSense support at design time for the AggregateFunction properties of the LocalAggregateDescriptions.

What's fixed

  • XAML Binding errors.

  • Label Filter is not applied on DateTimeGroupDescriptions.

  • Sorting by Aggregates is not working properly when Aggregate values contain empty values.

  • OLAP: Layout issue with hierarchy – overlapping text.

  • SelectItems Report Filter dialog throws exception when a property has null or DBNull value.

  • RowHeaderStyle/RowHeaderTemplate is applied on both rows and columns. ColumnHeaderStyle/ColumnHeaderTemplate is not applied at all.

  • Collapsing group through code does not change the UI of this group ("-" and "+" signs are not updated).

  • Exception is thrown when two aggregates are selected, all rows and columns are collapsed and the theme is changed.

  • Hierarchy with only one level and isAggregatable=false can't be used in Report Filter.

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