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This topic summarizes the new functionality introduced in the viewer with helpful links to places in the documentation that describe in greater detail the new functionality and how it can be used.

This topic is obsolete. To find the latest updates for the control, please use the Release History.

What's New in 2014 Q1 - 2014.1.0226

  • Page rotation. Read more

  • Single page presenter.

  • Exception handling on RadFixedDocument level.

  • Exception handling in RadPdfViewer. Read more

What's New in 2013 Q3 - 2013.3.1016

  • Fit to page and Fit to width functionalities.

  • Introduced Find dialog. Read more

  • Introduced editable percent combo box.

  • Support for tiles and gradients patterns.

  • Support for separation colors.

What's New in 2013 Q2 - 2013.2.611

  • JPEG decode filter.

  • Introduced SearchOptions property for FindCommand and FindPreviousCommand.

What's New in 2013 Q1 - 2013.1.0220

  • Support for TrueType, OpenType, Type1, Type0 fonts.

  • ZapfDingbats font support.

  • Support of Arabic language.

  • Exposed ScaleFactorChanged event to public API.

  • Introduced PageMargins property for PrintSettings.

What's New in 2012 Q3 - 2012.3.1017

  • Touch support: Scrolling on a touch device in Silverlight and WPF.

  • PdfViewer supports decode arrays.

What's New in 2012 Q1 - 2012.1.0215

  • Implemented new filters and introduced API for registering custom filters

  • Support for most documents exported by major PDF authoring tools

  • Implemented clipping

  • Introduced commands and bindings to UI. Added customizable toolbar UI as a separate control. Read more

  • Support for color spaces

  • Better image formats support. API for extending supported image formats

  • Added MVVM compatible API to manage the viewer

  • New better text rendering mechanism

  • More PDF elements supported: XObject, InlineImage, etc.

In 2012 Q1 SP1 - 2012.1.0326 there are some additional enhancements:

  • On demand page content loading.

  • Enable Display PDF in RadBook scenario.

  • A demo on the integration between RadPdfViewer and RadBook. Click-once demos

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