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This article describes the release history of the RadOutlookBar control.

To see the fixes and features included in our latest official release please refer to our Release History .

Q1 2014

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Icons in minimized items are not visualized

Q1 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Crashes VS design time when placed in Docking and SelectedIndex is set in XAML

  • Fixed: Editing the template in Blend do not extract the default style but the control template

  • Fixed: The Arrow doesn't change its direction when the OutlookBar is minimized in Metro theme

Q2 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: OutlookBarItems are not initially shown until the control is resized when the MinimizedAreaVisibility is set to Collapsed

  • Fixed: Setting the ActiveItemsCount to 0 in XAML does not work

Q1 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Add a possibility to programmatically move the items in the minimized area

  • Fixed: Ability to template the items in the Drop Down Area of the OverflowButton is needed

You can examine the Q1 2012 release history in our site.

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