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Exporting Custom Column

In order to automatically export a custom column, without handling some of the exporting events, it should implement the IExportableColumn interface. The interface exposes the following methods and properties:

  • GetCellContent: Gets the content of the cell. You can override it to return custom value.
  • DataFormatString: Gets or sets the string format applied to the column.
  • ExportedElementWidth: Gets the actual width of the column.

The GridViewBoundColumnBase class implements the interface so you can directly override the method.

Example 1: Overriden GetCellContent method

   protected override object GetCellContent(object item)
       var columnProperty = item.GetType().GetProperty(this.DataMemberBinding.Path.Path);
       return string.Format("@ {0} @", columnProperty.GetValue(item, null) as string);

The values from the exported column will appear in Excel as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Exported Custom Column to Excel

exported custom column

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