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Programmatic Paging

Programmatic paging could be done with the help of the public paging API that RadDataServiceDataSource.DataView provides. The DataView property implements the IPagedCollectionView interface which contains all paging methods and properties.

Example 1: The IPagedCollectionView interface

public interface IPagedCollectionView 
    bool CanChangePage { get; } 
    bool IsPageChanging { get; } 
    int ItemCount { get; } 
    int PageIndex { get; } 
    int PageSize { get; set; } 
    int TotalItemCount { get; } 
    event EventHandler<EventArgs> PageChanged; 
    event EventHandler<PageChangingEventArgs> PageChanging; 
    bool MoveToFirstPage(); 
    bool MoveToLastPage(); 
    bool MoveToNextPage(); 
    bool MoveToPage(int pageIndex); 
    bool MoveToPreviousPage(); 
Public Interface IPagedCollectionView 
    ReadOnly Property CanChangePage() As Boolean 
    ReadOnly Property IsPageChanging() As Boolean 
    ReadOnly Property ItemCount() As Integer 
    ReadOnly Property PageIndex() As Integer 
    Property PageSize() As Integer 
    ReadOnly Property TotalItemCount() As Integer 
    Event PageChanged As EventHandler(Of EventArgs) 
    Event PageChanging As EventHandler(Of PageChangingEventArgs) 
    Function MoveToFirstPage() As Boolean 
    Function MoveToLastPage() As Boolean 
    Function MoveToNextPage() As Boolean 
    Function MoveToPage(ByVal pageIndex As Integer) As Boolean 
    Function MoveToPreviousPage() As Boolean 
End Interface 

Example 2 shows how to use the DataView in order to set the last page as the current page.

Example 2: Moving to the last page

private void MoveToLastPage(RadDataServiceDataSource dataSource) 
Private Sub MoveToLastPage(ByVal dataSource As RadDataServiceDataSource) 
End Sub 

When a page change is requested, a trip to the server will be made regardless of the AutoLoad setting. When filtering, sorting or grouping occurs, a trip to the server is made, the DataView is re-created and always returns to the first page.

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