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Latest Release Notes

You can check the latest Release Notes here.

Q1 2015

You can check the Release Notes for version Q1 2015.

Q2 2014

What's Fixed

  • Memory leak in DataFormComboBoxField

  • DataFormComboBoxField clears its selected value, when switching between data templates

  • Changes on the ItemsSource Collection are not reflected in the UI

  • NullReferenceException in RadDataForm.OnCurrentItemPropertyChanged()

  • Design-time NullReferenceException in CanMoveCurrentToFirstExecute()

Q1 2014

What's Fixed

  • An exception is thrown on changing the theme using StyleManager

Q3 2013

What's Fixed

  • CanDelete and CanAdd properties are not correctly set when CurrentItem is bound and no ItemsSource is set.

  • When DataForm and GridView use ICollectionView synchronization and the grid is filtered and has only one item, DataForm navigation buttons are not all disabled

  • No data field is generated for dynamic property with null value

  • ArgumentNullException in CollectionHelper.AreEqual

  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when items are deleted

  • TextBox editors jump in edit mode (Windows8 and Office2013 themes)

Q2 2013

What's Added

  • German localization

  • TypeConverter support

  • Keyboard navigation + extandability through a command provider

  • Improve MVVM support by adding command provider support

What's Fixed

  • Corresponding navigation buttons are not active when AutoCommit="False", an item has been edited and delete button is clicked

  • RadDataForm with AutoCommit="False" gets into erroneous state when navigating away from unmodified item in edit mode

  • NullReferenceException caused by Add button when GridView is filtered and has collection synchronization with DataForm

  • Editors in manually-generated data fields does not get the default theme

  • LabelStyle DependencyProperty is not registered correctly

  • Cancel button should be enabled even if there are not pending changes

  • RadDataForm throws-design time exception in VS2012 WPF, when CustomCommandProvider is used

Q1 2013

What's Added

  • XML comment and access modifier

  • Nullable enum support for auto-generated fields

  • MVVM improvements

  • CommandProvider support

What's Fixed

  • CurrentItem is not updated on moving back/forth if form has been unloaded/ reloaded

  • Cannot properly apply a new ControlTemplate through the ValidationSummaryStyle property

  • Occasionally fields hang in readonly state when ApplicationTheme is set

  • Navigation through the items if there is group descriptor applied to the source collection

  • AddNewItem sets the DataForm into edit mode when RadDataForm and RadGridView are bound to the same source and grouping is applied

  • CurrentItem is not properly updated when items are asynchronously loadeds

Q3 2012 SP1

What's Fixed

  • Cannot properly apply a new ControlTemplate through the ValidationSummaryStyle property

  • CurrentItem is not updated on moving back/forth if form has been unloaded/ reloaded

Q3 2012

What's Added

  • EnablePropertyChangedBasedCancel - property to disable PropertyChanged-based cancelling

What's Fixed

  • Initial values of cancelled properties are no longer cached

  • Wrong registration of the LabelStyle DependencyProperty

  • Adding new item is disabled if the source is set after data form is created

  • Memory leak when reloading a DataForm multiple times

Q2 2012 SP2

What's Fixed

  • Adding new item is disabled if the source is set after data form is created

Q2 2012 SP1

What's Added

  • French localization.

What's Fixed

  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when firing PropertyChanged with null

  • AutoEdit mode

  • CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture are now respected

  • The wrong registration of the LabelStyle DependencyProperty

Q2 2012

What's Added

  • IsComboboxEditable property for DataFormComboBoxField

  • DataTemplateSelectors support

What's Fixed

  • Error with a binding validation error that is not associated with any field

  • OK and Cancel Buttons are not enabled if you change nullable int value

  • An exception try/catched with CancelEdit mechanism when RadDataForm is bound to DataTable

  • BindingExpressionPath errors with CommandButtonsVisiblity are now fixed

Q1 2012 SP1

What's Added

  • INotifyPropertyChanged cancelling mechanism (IEditableObject cancelling has higher priority)

  • LabelTemplate (DataTemplate) property in the DataFormDataField class

What's Fixed

  • Cancelling new item do not work in some occasions when AutoCommit is true

  • Navigation buttons do not get disabled when AutoCommit is false and there are uncommitted pending changes

  • Navigating to another item commits changes when AutoCommit is false

  • Cancel edit for a new, already committed item, leads to an “empty” item, when AutoCommit is true

  • Item level validation errors display property name instead of label in the validation summary

Q1 2012

What's Added

  • Improved item-level validation for RIA entities

What's Fixed

  • Autogenerated DataFormDataFields (TextBox) do not update their UI properly when item is a FormatException occurs and IEditableObject. CancelEdit is invoked

  • In some isolated cases, validation errors permanently block RadDatform’s commit operation

  • In some cases, item-level validation errors are not properly removed from the validation summary

  • IsThreeState property of DataFormCheckBoxField is not respected

Q3 2011 SP1

What's Fixed

  • RadDataForm validation

Q1 2011

  • RadDataForm has been just added to the Telerik WPF suite.
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