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Latest Release Notes

You can check the latest Release Notes here.

Q3 2013

What's Fixed

  • RadDataFilter auto-generates its ItemPropertyDefinitions more than once when bound to a collection of dynamic objects

  • Changing the Member or the Operator of an inactive filter (i.e. one with UnsetValue) should not cause re-filtering and hence a slow down

Q2 2013

What's Fixed

  • The EditorCreated event is fired twice when changing the item property name of an existing filter

Q1 2013

What's New

  • GetItemStatusCore() override for DataFilter automation peer

  • RadDataFilter.AutoGeneratingPropertyDefinition event

Q3 2012 SP

What's New

  • IsEmpty and IsNotEmpty string filter operators

What's Fixed

  • The FilterEditor placeholder control receives focus when tabbing and it really should not.

Q3 2012

What's New

  • ItemPropertyDefinition.ComponentType property.

  • FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs.DefaultOperator property.

Q2 2012 SP2

What's New

  • FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs.DefaultOperator property.

Q2 2012 SP1

What's New

  • ItemPropertyDefinition.ComponentType property

Q2 2012

What's New

  • TimeSpan property filtering support

What's Fixed

  • Adding composite filters to FilterDescriptors programmatically may result in exception.

Q1 2012 SP1

What's Fixed

  • RadDataFilter bound to RadTreeListView crashes when try to filter

Q1 2012

What's New

  • Deleted the obsolete RadDataFilter.ItemProperties and FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs.ItemPropertyInfo properties.

Q3 2011

What's New

  • Comparison filtering (>, >=, <, <=) for TimeSpan values.

  • StringFilterEditor.MatchCaseVisibility__ property.

What's Fixed

  • The filter operator sometimes disappears when changing the member.

  • RadDataFilter raises the FilterEditorCreated event twice when a new filter is created.

  • Deleting the entire text from the StringFilterEditor should clear the filter instead of filtering on string.Empty.

Q2 2010

  • RadDataFilter has been just added to the Telerik WPF suite.
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