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Label Connectors

RadChartView supports drawing of connector lines between the series' data points and their labels. In order to enable this feature you can set the chart series' LabelConnectorsSettings property. The property accepts an object of type ChartSeriesLabelConnectorsSettings which exposes the following properties:

  • FadeOpacity: Gets or sets the opacity that is applied to the label connectors when the series is faded by the chart's hover interactivity.
  • MinLengthThreshold: Gets or sets the min length threshold. If a label connector is shorter than this threshold, the label connector is not drawn.
  • Style: Gets or sets the connectors' style. The property accepts a Style targeting a Path element.

The following example demonstrates how to set the LabelConnectorsSettings propety:

<telerik:RadPieChart Palette="Windows8">
    <telerik:PieSeries ShowLabels="True" RadiusFactor="0.6">
            <telerik:PieDataPoint Value="43.46" Label="France: 43.46%"/>
            <telerik:PieDataPoint Value="27.53" Label="Germany: 27.53%" />
            <telerik:PieDataPoint Value="15.11" Label="Belgium: 15.11%" />
            <telerik:PieDataPoint Value="10.35" Label="Holland: 10.35%" />
            <telerik:PieDataPoint Value="3.55" Label="Luxembourg: 3.55%" />

            <telerik:ChartSeriesLabelDefinition Margin="-40,0,0,0" />

            <telerik:ChartSeriesLabelConnectorsSettings />

Here is the end result:

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