How to Customize the Calendar Buttons

Customizing the buttons in RadCalendar could easily be achieved by creating a custom StyleSelector and setting it to the DayButtonStyleSelector property of the control.

This tutorial will go through on how to:

  • Create a custom DayButtonStyleSelector

  • Customize the CalendarButton Style

  • Set the DayButtonStyleSelector of RadCalendar

The next example shows how to create a custom DayButtonStyleSelector in order to change the Background color of every Monday in the calendar.

  1. First you will need to create a DayButtonStyleSelector that inherits StyleSelector class:

        public class DayButtonStyleSelector : StyleSelector
  2. Create a property of type Style:

        public class DayButtonStyleSelector : StyleSelector
            public Style SpecialStyleMonday { get; set; }
  3. Override the SelectStyle() method:

        public class DayButtonStyleSelector : StyleSelector
            public Style SpecialStyleMonday { get; set; }
            public override Style SelectStyle(object item, DependencyObject container)
                CalendarButtonContent content = item as CalendarButtonContent;
                if (content != null)
                    if (content.Date.DayOfWeek == DayOfWeek.Monday && content.ButtonType == CalendarButtonType.Date)
                        return SpecialStyleMonday;
                return base.SelectStyle(item, container);
  4. Add the following namespaces in the xaml:

        <UserControl xmlns:local="clr-namespace:WpfApplication1"
  5. Create a StaticResource for the DayButtonStyleSelector and the SpecialStyleMonday Style:

        <local:DayButtonStyleSelector x:Key="CustomStyleSelector">
                <Style TargetType="calendar:CalendarButton">
                    <Setter Property="Background">
                            <SolidColorBrush Color="Orange" Opacity="0.6"/>
  6. Set the DayButtonStyleSelector property of the control:

        <telerik:RadCalendar DayButtonStyleSelector="{StaticResource CustomStyleSelector}"/>
  7. The last step is to set the DayButtonStyle to null in order for the custom DayButtonStyleSelector to be used:

        <telerik:RadCalendar DayButtonStyleSelector="{StaticResource CustomStyleSelector}"

The next screenshot shows the final result:


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