XML Binding

The current version of Silverlight does not support direct XML binding but LINQ to XML can be used to retrieve the necessary data. The following example loads a collection of dates from an xml file and assigns them as the selected dates of a calendar.

The DataSource.xml file has the following content:


The following code snippet loads the file and extracts the Date nodes out of it, then assigns the respective dates as selection:

// Make sure that more than one date can be selected:
calendar.SelectionMode = SelectionMode.Extended;
// Load the xml document and get the culture with wich the dates were serialized:
XDocument xmlSource = XDocument.Load("DataSource.xml");
CultureInfo usCulture = new CultureInfo("En-US");
// Add Get all the dates in the xml document and add them as selected dates:
foreach (var dateNode in xmlSource.Descendants("Date"))
    calendar.SelectedDates.Add(DateTime.Parse(dateNode.Value, usCulture.DateTimeFormat));
// Set the display date to the forst selected date, so that the selection is visible.
calendar.DisplayDate = (DateTime)calendar.SelectedDates[0];
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