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Pinned Rows

RadVirtualGrid rows can be pinned so that the rows appear anchored to the top or bottom of the grid. To pin a row you should use the SetRowPinPosition method where you just need to pass the row index and the desired pin position.

radVirtualGrid1.VirtualGridElement.SetRowPinPosition(2, PinnedRowPosition.Top);

radVirtualGrid1.VirtualGridElement.SetRowPinPosition(2, PinnedRowPosition.Top)

The result is that the row is pined bellow the filter row.


To unpin a row you just need to set its pin position to none.

radVirtualGrid1.VirtualGridElement.SetRowPinPosition(2, PinnedRowPosition.None);

radVirtualGrid1.VirtualGridElement.SetRowPinPosition(2, PinnedRowPosition.None)

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