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How to Hide the New Tab Button for the Popped out Forms


Product Version 2022.1.118
Product RadTabbedForm for WinForms


RadTabbedFormControl offers the ShowNewTabButton property which controls whether the new tab button will be visible.

tabbedform-keep-show-new-tab-button 003

If you disable the ShowNewTabButton property to hide the button, note that when you pop out a window, the button will be visible for the window:

tabbedform-keep-show-new-tab-button 001

This article demonstrates how to handle this case.


When you pop out a window, a new RadTabbedFormControl is created. Hence, its ShowNewTabButton property is set true by default. It is necessary to subscribe to the TadTabbedFormControl.TabbedFormControlElement.ItemDragService.TabbedFormShown event. The TabbedFormShownEventArgs gives you access to the newly created TabbedForm. Then, handle its TabbedFormControlCreating event and disable the button for the newly create RadTabbedFormControl:

public partial class RadTabbedForm1 : Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadTabbedForm
    public RadTabbedForm1()

        this.AllowAero = false;
        this.radTabbedFormControl1.ShowNewTabButton = false;
        this.radTabbedFormControl1.TabbedFormControlElement.ItemDragService.TabbedFormShown += ItemDragService_TabbedFormShown;

    private void ItemDragService_TabbedFormShown(object sender, TabbedFormShownEventArgs e)
        e.TabbedForm.TabbedFormControlCreating -= TabbedForm_TabbedFormControlCreating;
        e.TabbedForm.TabbedFormControlCreating += TabbedForm_TabbedFormControlCreating;

    private void TabbedForm_TabbedFormControlCreating(object sender, TabbedFormControlCreatingEventArgs e)
        e.TabbedFormControl.ShowNewTabButton = false;

Public Class RadTabbedForm1
    Public Sub New()
        Me.AllowAero = False
        Me.RadTabbedFormControl1.ShowNewTabButton = False
        AddHandler Me.RadTabbedFormControl1.TabbedFormControlElement.ItemDragService.TabbedFormShown,
            AddressOf ItemDragService_TabbedFormShown
    End Sub

    Private Sub ItemDragService_TabbedFormShown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As TabbedFormShownEventArgs)
        RemoveHandler e.TabbedForm.TabbedFormControlCreating, AddressOf TabbedForm_TabbedFormControlCreating
        AddHandler e.TabbedForm.TabbedFormControlCreating, AddressOf TabbedForm_TabbedFormControlCreating
    End Sub

    Private Sub TabbedForm_TabbedFormControlCreating(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As TabbedFormControlCreatingEventArgs)
        e.TabbedFormControl.ShowNewTabButton = False
    End Sub
End Class

tabbedform-keep-show-new-tab-button 002

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