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RadForm is Not Recognized in Solution Explorer


Product Version Product Author
2021.3.914 RadForm for WinForms Desislava Yordanova


Sometimes, when a RadForm is added, it does not show up as a design component in Visual Studio. It just looks like a partial class. It is not possible to select it and open the designer and double clicking on it does not open the form designer:

radform-is-not-recognized 001


Usually, the issue is caused by some settings applied to Visual Studio and it may not be reproducible on a fresh installation and then get reproducible when the developer logs in to the Microsoft account and settings synced.

The problem is that when a new form is added the SubType is not set as Form, so the designer does not recognize it as such. The solution is to manually edit the .vbproj/.csproj file and add Form to the Form and Designer files. For example:

    <Compile Include="RadForm1.vb">
    <Compile Include="RadForm1.Designer.vb">
    <Compile Include="RadForm2.Designer.vb">
    <Compile Include="RadForm2.vb" />
    <EmbeddedResource Include="RadForm1.resx">

In the case above RadForm2 and RadForm2.Designer files should get the Forms SubType like their RadForm1 counterparts.

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