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How to Print Documents to a Specific Printer


Product Version Product Author
2022.3.913 RadPrintDocument for WinForms Desislava Yordanova


This article demonstrates how to print a document to a specific printer by using RadPrintDocument.


RadPdfViewer and RadRichTextEditor are two controls from the UI for WinForms suite that supports loading .pdf, .docx, .rtf and other document formats. No matter what type of document you want to print, the RadPrintDocument.AssociatedObject property allows you to specify the control (IPrintable) you want to print.

The following example uses a RadPdfViewer but it can be applied to RadRichTextEditor as well. The PrinterSettings object offers different settings for adjusting the print document and specifying the PrinterName:

private void radButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    RadPdfViewer radPdfViewer = new RadPdfViewer();
    radPdfViewer.DocumentLoaded += radPdfViewer_DocumentLoaded;
    radPdfViewer.LoadDocument(@"..\..\..\Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.pdf");


private void radPdfViewer_DocumentLoaded(object sender, EventArgs e)
    using (RadPrintDocument document = new RadPrintDocument { Landscape = false })
        document.AssociatedObject = (sender as RadPdfViewerElement);
        string printerName = "Microsoft Print to PDF";
        PrinterSettings settings = new System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings
            PrinterName = printerName,
            Copies = 1,
            Duplex = Duplex.Simplex,
            PrintRange = PrintRange.AllPages
        document.DefaultPageSettings = new System.Drawing.Printing.PageSettings
            PrinterSettings = settings
        document.PrinterSettings = settings;

Private Sub RadButton1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles RadButton1.Click
    Dim radPdfViewer As RadPdfViewer = New RadPdfViewer()
    AddHandler radPdfViewer.DocumentLoaded, AddressOf radPdfViewer_DocumentLoaded
    radPdfViewer.LoadDocument("..\..\..\Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.pdf")
End Sub

Private Sub radPdfViewer_DocumentLoaded(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    Using document As RadPrintDocument = New RadPrintDocument With {
        .Landscape = False
        document.AssociatedObject = (TryCast(sender, RadPdfViewerElement))
        Dim printerName As String = "Microsoft Print to PDF"
        Dim settings As PrinterSettings = New System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings With {
            .PrinterName = printerName,
            .Copies = 1,
            .Duplex = Duplex.Simplex,
            .PrintRange = PrintRange.AllPages
        document.DefaultPageSettings = New System.Drawing.Printing.PageSettings With {
            .PrinterSettings = settings
        document.PrinterSettings = settings
    End Using
End Sub

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