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PdfViewer get the clicked position on the page

Product Version Product Author
2020.2.512.40 RadPdfViewer Dimitar Karamfilov


This article shows how you can get the position when the user clicks on a specific page. The position relates to the upper left corner of the page.


Use the following code to calculate the position:

public RadForm1()
    radPdfViewer1.MouseDown += RadPdfViewer1_MouseDown;

private void RadPdfViewer1_MouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
    var element = radPdfViewer1.ElementTree.GetElementAtPoint(((MouseEventArgs)e).Location) as RadFixedPageElement;

    if (element != null)

        var mouseLocation = ((MouseEventArgs)e).Location;
        var tt = element.TotalTransform;

        var pointInDoc = tt.TransformPoint(mouseLocation);

        currentPageIndex = radPdfViewer1.Document.Pages.IndexOf(element.Page);
        var zoom = radPdfViewer1.PdfViewerElement.ScaleFactor;

        Console.WriteLine("PageNo: {0} X:{1} Y:{2}", currentPageIndex, pointInDoc.X / zoom, pointInDoc.Y / zoom);

Public Sub New()
    AddHandler radPdfViewer1.MouseDown, AddressOf RadPdfViewer1_MouseDown
End Sub

Private Sub RadPdfViewer1_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As MouseEventArgs)
    Dim element = TryCast(radPdfViewer1.ElementTree.GetElementAtPoint(CType(e, MouseEventArgs).Location), RadFixedPageElement)

    If element IsNot Nothing Then

        Dim mouseLocation = CType(e, MouseEventArgs).Location
        Dim tt = element.TotalTransform

        Dim pointInDoc = tt.TransformPoint(mouseLocation)

        currentPageIndex = radPdfViewer1.Document.Pages.IndexOf(element.Page)
        Dim zoom = radPdfViewer1.PdfViewerElement.ScaleFactor

        Console.WriteLine("PageNo: {0} X:{1} Y:{2}", currentPageIndex, pointInDoc.X / zoom, pointInDoc.Y / zoom)
    End If
End Sub

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