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Limiting the text length in RadGridView's cell

Product Version Product Author Last modified
Q2 2009 SP1 RadGridView for WinForms Nikolay Diyanov May 23, 2012


Limit the text length in RadGridView's text column when it is in edit mode


If you need to limit the text length when typing a new value in a text column cell, the best way is to prevent the user from typing more symbols than allowed. This can be done by setting the MaxLength propertyof RadTextBoxEditor's RadTextBoxEditorElement:

void radGridView1_CellEditorInitialized(object sender, GridViewCellEventArgs e)     
    if (e.ColumnIndex == 4)  
        if (e.Column is GridViewTextBoxColumn)     
            ((RadTextBoxEditorElement)((RadTextBoxEditor)this.radGridView1.ActiveEditor).EditorElement).MaxLength = 30;     

Private Sub radGridView1_CellEditorInitialized(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridViewCellEventArgs)  
    If e.ColumnIndex = 4 Then 
        If TypeOf e.Column Is GridViewTextBoxColumn Then 
            CType((CType(Me.radGridView1.ActiveEditor, RadTextBoxEditor)).EditorElement, RadTextBoxEditorElement).MaxLength = 30  
        End If 
    End If 
End Sub 

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