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Iterating through RadGridView Rows

Product Version Product Author Last modified
Q2 2010 RadGridView for WinForms Nikolay Diyanov Oct 7, 2010


Iterate through RadGridView Rows.


When you want to iterate through the rows of your RadGridView, you should use either RadGridView.Rows or RadGridView.MasterTemplate.Rows collection. Both are references to the actual rows collection, bound to the underlying data, and processed by grid's automatic filtering, grouping, and sorting features.

Iterating through the RadGridView.MasterView.Rows is a bit slower performance-wise, but this collection is more useful when working in hierarchy mode. It is slower, because the GridViewInfo.Rows property is calculated on each request, based on the UI state of the current GridViewInfo. For example these are the rows in one sub-detail view in the hierarchy.

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