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Installing local documentation for MS Help viewer (Help3) in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

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15/1/2014 Telerik UI for WinForms Dimitar Karamfilov

How To

Install local documentation for MS Help Viewer (2.0/2.1) in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.


Telerik UI for WinForms local documentation for Visual Studio 2010 (Help3) is distributed as a separate installation. The zipped Help3 installation can be downloaded from your Telerik account and installed using the instructions below:



How to install local documentation on your machine:

1. Unblock the downloaded file. This is done by right-clicking the file -> properties -> clicking on the Unblock button in the General tab. If this button is not present this step is not needed.

2. Unzip the local documentation ( content downloaded from Telerik website

3. Launch Microsoft Help Viewer:

installing-local-documentation-for-ms-help-viewer-(help3)-in-visual-studio-2012-and-2013 001

4. Change the installation source to Disc:
installing-local-documentation-for-ms-help-viewer-(help3)-in-visual-studio-2012-and-2013 002

5. Browse to the .msha file, Select it, click Open:

installing-local-documentation-for-ms-help-viewer-(help3)-in-visual-studio-2012-and-2013 003

6. Click ‘Add’ action:

installing-local-documentation-for-ms-help-viewer-(help3)-in-visual-studio-2012-and-2013 004

7. Click ‘Update’ button:

installing-local-documentation-for-ms-help-viewer-(help3)-in-visual-studio-2012-and-2013 005

8. When asked to proceed click ‘Yes’. Note that it could take some time to finish the installation:

installing-local-documentation-for-ms-help-viewer-(help3)-in-visual-studio-2012-and-2013 006

9. View the help:

installing-local-documentation-for-ms-help-viewer-(help3)-in-visual-studio-2012-and-2013 007

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