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Increasing the execution speed of Telerik assemblies

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RadControls for WinForms Telerik UI for WinForms Nikolay Diyanov Dec 12, 2007

How To

Increase the execution speed of Telerik assemblies (NGEN Telerik Assemblies)


Native Image Generator (ngen.exe) is a tool that creates a native image from a managed assembly and installs it into the native image cache on the local computer. This will allow the assembly to execute faster. The *ngen.exe *is located in the following directory:
"C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET[version folder]\"

The command to NGEN an assembly looks like this:
ngen [assembly name | assembly path]

Assuming that you want to NGEN TelerikCommon.dll the command is:
ngen "C:\Program Files\Telerik\RadControls for WinForms Q2 2007\bin\TelerikCommon.dll"

You have to specify the fully assembly name if you want ngen.exe to locate it and use the assembly's publisher policy.

After you have generated a native image for the assembly, the runtime automatically attempts to locate and use this native image each time it runs the assembly.

You can also use *ngen.exe *to create native images for an application. Since this time you need the fully specified names of the assemblies, which the application refers to, use the Ildasm.exe tool to see them. Then NGEN the application using this command:
ngen [application name], "[fully specified assembly name]"

If the assembly also refers to another assembly, you have to include them both in the command, let's say that ControlLibrary.dll refers to TelerikCommon.dll:
ngen TestApplication.exe "ControlLibrary.dll, Version= Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=432gg43gm31muy2u", "TelerikCommon.dll, Version= Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=5bb2a467cbec794"

For detailed information about this topic, please to MSDN.

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