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Implementing a chrome window

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Q2 2008 RadControls for WinForms Tsvetan Raikov September 10, 2008

Implement a chrome window with RadControls for WinForms

SOLUTION To implement a chrome window follow the steps below:

1.Inherit your form from ShapedForm to control the shape, border and background color of the form:

using System;  
using System.Windows.Forms;  
using Telerik.WinControls;  
using Telerik.WinControls.UI;  

public partial class Form1: ShapedForm  
      public Form9()  
            this.Shape = new RoundRectShape(5);  
            this.BorderColor = Color.Blue;  
            this.BorderWidth = 2;  


Imports System 
Imports System.Windows.Forms 
Imports Telerik.WinControls 
Imports Telerik.WinControls.UI 

Public Partial Class Form1 
    Inherits ShapedForm 
    Public Sub New() 
        Me.Shape = New RoundRectShape(5) 
        Me.BorderColor = Color.Blue 
        Me.BorderWidth = 2 

    End Sub 
End Class 

2.Drop a RadTitleBar control to the form and dock it to the top. If the selected RadTitleBar theme does not have system buttons, drop an ImageList and fill it with three images (minimize, maximize and close). Associate the ImageList with RadTitleBar control or use the Visual Style Builder to style the title bar. NOTE that the Maximize option of the form will work correctly only if the FormBorderStyle, MinimizeBox, MaximizeBox and ControlBox properties have default values.

3.Run the form.

The end result should be similar to the following:


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