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How to migrate to new two columns menu

Product Version Product Author Last modified
Q2 2008 RadMenu and RadApplicationMenu for WinForms Peter Petrov


Migrate a two columns RadMenu to the new ApplicationMenu (available from Q2 2008).

SOLUTION: Change the type menu type (issually Designer.cs or Designer.vb) RadDropDownButtonElement to RadApplicationMenuButtonElement.

The items should be added not via RadApplicationMenuDropDown.RightColumnItems

RadApplicationMenuDropDown dropDown = this.RadDropDownButtonElement1.DropDownMenu as  RadApplicationMenuDropDown; 
dropDown.RightColumnItems.AddRange(New Telerik.WinControls.RadItem() {this.RadMenuItem1, this.RadMenuItem2, this.RadMenuItem3});

Dim dropDown As RadApplicationMenuDropDown = TryCast(Me.RadDropDownButtonElement1.DropDownMenu, RadApplicationMenuDropDown) 
dropDown.RightColumnItems.AddRange(New Telerik.WinControls.RadItem() {Me.RadMenuItem1, Me.RadMenuItem2, Me.RadMenuItem3}) 

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