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How to embed Chrome browser in a WinForms application

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January 31, 2018 Telerik UI for WinForms Desislava Yordanova


This article demonstrates a sample approach how to embed Chrome in your application.


Integrate the CefSharp web browser component (based on Chromium) into your C# application. CefSharp is reliable, fast, fully open-source and does not need any extra dependencies to be installed by end users (except VC++ Runtime 2013).

1A. NuGet method – if you use NuGet, you can just grab CefSharp.WinForms from the NuGet repository.

how-to-embed-chrome-browser-in-a-winforms-applicationw 001

Navigate to Solution > Configuration Manager and set your project to x86 or x64 since AnyCPU is not currently supported.

1B. Manual method – download the CefSharp binaries and unzip them.

CefSharp v51 x86 (for 32-bit apps)

CefSharp v51 x64 (for 64-bit apps)

  • Right click your project, select "Add Reference", then "Browse":

how-to-embed-chrome-browser-in-a-winforms-applicationw 002

  • Select the following DLLs:




how-to-embed-chrome-browser-in-a-winforms-applicationw 003

  • Select all the files in the ZIP and copy those files into your Project's Debug folder (inside Bin):

how-to-embed-chrome-browser-in-a-winforms-applicationw 004

2. Add the following code:

  • Copy this to your import section:
using CefSharp;
using CefSharp.WinForms; 

  • Copy this to your code section:
public ChromiumWebBrowser browser;

public void InitBrowser()
    Cef.Initialize(new CefSettings());
    browser = new ChromiumWebBrowser("");
    browser.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

  • Call InitBrowser() just after the call of InitializeComponent():

how-to-embed-chrome-browser-in-a-winforms-applicationw 005

When you run the application, you have Chromium embedded in your Windows Forms project:

how-to-embed-chrome-browser-in-a-winforms-applicationw 006

It is possible to call a JavaScript function once the DOM is loaded. The OnFrameLoadStart event is called before the DOM is loaded, so you'll need to use one of the follow: FrameLoadEnd/LoadingStateChanged

private void browser_LoadingStateChanged(object sender, LoadingStateChangedEventArgs e)
    if (e.IsLoading == false)
        browser.ExecuteScriptAsync("alert('All Resources Have Loaded');");

how-to-embed-chrome-browser-in-a-winforms-applicationw 007

Depending on the version of the CefSharp you are currently using your application may require .NET Framework 4.0 and higher. Please refer to release branches section.

A complete solution in C# and VB.NET can be found here.

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